RCR specializes in the private placement of medium to large loans worldwide. Our private investment affiliates offer  capital to small and middle-market companies and private equity sponsors for acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, re-financing's, later stage growth investments, recapitalization, and capital expenditures through first-lien and second-lien, senior loans and mezzanine debt as well as equity capital.

Industry preferences that we may obtain funding for include:

Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar, Bio, Hydro, Waste, ect.) – Medical Devices – Medical/Healthcare – Manufacturing – Pharmaceutical - IT - Distribution – Electronic Components – Communications - Media - Petroleum Refinery – Energy Services – Energy Shipping – Energy Trading – Crude Oil Processing – Oil & Gas Extraction – Construction – Energy  – Real Estate Related Services – Ship & Airline Manufacturing – Chemical Companies – Waste Management

For funding consideration please forward a complete financial package. A reference guide is available below to help insure your project is given the attention it deserves - PRESENTING YOUR PROJECT for SUCCESS .



Senior-secured, commercial asset-based loans to low and middle market businesses located in the USA and Canada against any combination of equipment, inventory (inc. commercial & industrial. and in-transit inventory to the USA). or account receivable. Loans range from $500,000.00 to $10,000,000.00.


RCR’s team of experts will prepare and submit your project for rating, including all documentation. Upon issuance we will then have resulting bonds sold in the capital markets. Bonds can be issued and sold in as little as 90 days with an open line of communication to the client and timely submission of requested documentation.

The work we do is billed and paid by the client on an on-going basis. Projects must have a demonstrable income stream (such that interest and principal can
be paid), and good assets. Shariah compliant structures may also be produced upon request.

Typical asset classes are energy resources (getting oil or gas to the surface), mines, or real estate (improving or new development).

When dealing with real estate, it is important that the project be tangible. Raw land without timely communication and a solid business plan are unacceptable.

Bonds may be issued starting at $100 Million and upwards towards $1 Billion on a single bond. Smaller projects may be considered on a case by case basis.

***It is important to note that issuing bonds is not without expenses before the bond proceeds come in. The rating agency, lawyers, management and other service providers all must be paid as you go. Ability to cover these costs must be demonstrated at inception. Funds must be available and segregated at the time individual services are approved and contracted.



Our investors can evaluate business plans quickly and easily if they contain the following:

1. The "Elevator Speech" (a one paragraph summary of the business)

2. The Executive Summary - This is a 1-2 page summary which briefly describes the business using all nine of the following elements:

3. The Business Plan - Any plan submitted should address the following issues:

i.  The Business - A mission statement or the "Elevator Speech".

ii. The Market

  • History and project size ($$)
  • Relevant trends
  • Government regulation issues

iii. Products

  • Description
  • Historical and projected dates for key milestones
  • What makes your product different (Unique Selling Proposition)

iv. Competition

  • Name the Competitors
  • Barriers to entry
  • Competitive advantages

v. Revenue model - How will the company earn revenue?

vi. Distribution/Sales

  • Key customers
  • Partnership Alliances
  • Sales Strategies

vii. Financial Projections (2 years, preferably by quarter)

  • Historical and Forecasted P&Ls
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Current Balance Sheet
  • Headcount forecast by department

xii. Management

  • Management team bios
  • Board composition

ix. What is being proposed (deal terms)

  • Prior financing history
  • Pre or post financing valuation
  • How much are you raising and time frame?
  • Where is the money raised being spent?
  • How much capital (verifiable) has been invested to date or in reserves?
  • Liquidity plan or exit strategy
  • Description of Collateral or Security (if applicable)